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Why join this course?

There are a lot of courses and programs out there. I built this one specifically for you; for the woman who is ready to claim her destiny and step into her power to become truly fulfilled and happy.

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Discover what's holding you back

What's your story? What beliefs are you holding onto that no longer serve you?

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What do you truly want?

No playing safe, no being "realistic" or "practical." What do you really want in life?


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Manifest your dreams!

Once you figure out what you want, work to make it happen! With the universe by your side, you will achieve your wildest dreams!


How this work has changed my life

The girl I love being right now
By working through my old stories and old beliefs, I realized how I was holding myself back. I was forcing myself into this tiny narrow box of what I thought I was supposed to be.
A box labeled "Smart, strong, independent, self-sufficient, better than others by not being emotional, ambitious." I followed the rule of "shoulds."
You don't live your life pretending to be someone you think you're supposed to be because society or your family or your friends or your country or whatever has told you so.
You live your life according to what your passion is, what your purpose is, what you were put on this planet for.
Once I realized this, I could not believe that I had spent 30 years forcing myself into this box 15 sizes too small!
I am bigger than that box. I am brighter than that box. I am meant for so much more than that box.
And I kicked it to the curb!!
I said goodbye to those old stories and those bullshit beliefs.
I am standing in my own joy and am following my purpose in life. And it is soooo much better than living according to someone else's plan.
Are you ready to join me?
Are you ready to expand your box?
Are you ready to show the world how bright your light is?



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The girl I thought I was supposed to be

You can't get more Type A than having a piece of paper that reads "No Pain, No Gain" in regards to your college applications.
That's the best example I can give you as to how I lived my life for a long time. I thought I needed to attend an Ivy League school because "they're the best" and "that's where the best people go." I literally had a yellow lined memo pad with all the things I thought I needed to do in order to be accepted to Harvard.
Yep, Harvard. And yes, I would need a full scholarship because there's no way I could afford that school.
Fortunately (in hindsight), I did not get accepted to Harvard and instead went to an in-state business school. I enrolled in a 5 year MBA program, with a quarter system, which meant all my classes were on shortened schedules and tighter timelines. I still worked weekends throughout my freshman year, which meant I had less time for finding myself and building friendships.
Fast forward, I changed schools and ended up commuting the last 3 years of college. I worked 30+ hours a week most weeks, took full course loads each semester, and graduated on time without losing any time due to a school change.
I kept that hard-headed, push through it, make it work, forceful attitude for the next 8 years. Busted my ass, focused on the next milestone above all else, and lived by the "shoulds." You know, I should work hard to pay off my school loans, I should work longer hours to get promoted faster, I should prioritize my career, I shouldn't worry about having fun outside of the weekend, I shouldn't stress about traveling because I can do it when I'm older.
Yeah, it sucked.
And you know what it led to?
Years of neglecting my health, very few friendships that went below the surface because I didn't make time for them, so much self-doubt, self-inflicted misery, and so much less happiness than I deserved.
And finally, it led to my body and brain giving up because they had tried for years to get me to take care of them and I didn't.
How much of this story resonates with you? How much do you hate that so much of it resonates?
Are you ready to say goodbye to this life?


Say YES to yourself!

2020 was a mother. Let's make 2021 everything you want it to be.
Are you ready to be your most unapologetically authentic self