How Do These Services Work?


I will support you


By creating a co-creative relationship with my clients, I am able to help you clarify your goals, create strategic plans, and be more confident in moving toward your dreams.

We will have bi-weekly or monthly  Zoom video calls to work through your desired topic to keep moving you forward toward the life you REALLY want.

Your commitment to yourself


If you can answer these questions with a resounding YES, coaching may be the right move for you.
Are you committed to working on yourself?
Do you commit to dedicating time, energy, and focus to this self growth?
Do you commit to staying open-minded and receptive to feedback, new ideas and tools, and happier life?
And, most importantly, ARE YOU READY FOR CHANGE?

Let's get started


The first step is to schedule a discovery session. In this session, we will discuss what you are working towards, where you are now, and what you've tried. Then we'll talk about how coaching works and what working together might look like.
After that, if this is the right fit, you will choose a coaching package duration and we will begin this period of transformation and growth!
During our Zoom calls, we will work through such topics as limiting beliefs, confidence and self-esteem, career growth, balancing work and life, and many more topics that are relevant for you!


I am extremely grateful for the coaching session I had with Chrissy. Chrissy’s warm, engaging, and compassionate approach immediately made me feel safe and connected. Chrissy asked the right questions and responded with ease after listening and watching my body language. The powerful conversation ended with me feeling confident and empowered to take actionable steps towards my dream career. Chrissy held me accountable and followed up with me to ensure I was making progress. I never imagined one conversation being the first step towards a dream career. With Chrissy’s guidance, clarity can be reached, and that is the place where transformation begins. I can’t speak highly enough of Chrissy and her desire to help others discover their dream career.

Tiffany W.

Before my session with Chrissy I didn't know what step to take next with my new business. I was stuck. Chrissy help me break all my thoughts down and put them into actionable steps. After our session I took one imperfect step towards my goal and it gave me the motivation to keep going! I ended the week having made major progress towards my goals. Chrissy helped me realize I can do this. I would recommend a session for anyone that needs help overcoming roadblocks or setbacks.

Dionna B.


Free ways to connect

Free Library

Subscribe now to get access to an ever evolving library of goodies! This includes journal prompts, tips on manifesting, brain dump templates, and more! You will also receive bi-weekly emails from me!



Discovery Call

 Book a 30-minute call on my Book Now page to discuss what coaching may look like for you.



Coaching Packages

Discover your true self and build a strategic action plan to build your dream life!

Monthly Container

This is the most intimate container I offer. We will meet bi-weekly or monthly, in 60-minute Zoom video calls. You will also have access to me between sessions via Voxer and receive a beautiful welcome gift.
Please book a discovery call or email me first to discuss.

Niche Offers and Group Programs

One-time sessions with a specific structure and year-round rotating group programs

Actualization Audit 

90-minute conversation to create real actionable progress towards your BIG goals

Unlock Your Desires - 6 week course

This six week, do-it-yourself course will open for enrollment in late spring. Click for more details and sign up on the waitlist to make sure you don't miss a thing!


Additional Resources

Mindfulness Guide

Enjoy 20 unique mindfulness practices to be more present in your life, calm your mind, and become more grounded.


Do the Damn Thing Masterclass  

90-minute masterclass recording on the 3 biggest obstacles blocking your path and the 1 most important lesson to learn

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