My Journey

Personal Growth and Transformation






I spent most of my life " following the rules" - working hard, staying late at the office, and always running to the next "milestone." 

I thought I was successful. I had a strong reputation in my field for my results and dedication. But I didn't take care of myself. I worked furiously, ate unhealthy food, barely slept, and put EVERYONE else first. Sound familiar? You're not alone.

And, most importantly, I wasn't fulfilled. I didn't look forward to my day and hit snooze so many times because I dreaded heading to my computer.

Sounds horrible, right?

In late 2018, I took a 3-month leave of absence from work and began prioritizing myself. I tried new things, from holistic therapy to chakra workshops, shadow work, and so much more. 

It was a journey of intense healing that led to so much light and happiness! I am living a life I would never have thought possible. 

Do you want to be happier and more fulfilled, but only know that "this" (whatever you are doing right now) is not it? I feel ya! That was my life for YEARS. 

I want to help you get there; I want you to feel the same high energy and complete alignment with your purpose and your potential. I want to SHARE all of this with YOU! I am truly centered for the first time in my life and I have found my purpose. Let me help you achieve this, too!

My Background



 I started out on a very different path than coaching. I have undergraduate degrees in Finance and Economics, an MBA, and also have my CAPM (Certified Project Management Associate).

Aligning with my new path, I am a CTA Certified Life Coach and recently completed my Holy Fire Reiki Level I placement!

I am a big proponent of life-long learning and have a list a mile long of the training I will work on in the future.

My journey, plus my strategic leadership planning skillset, combine to form a supportive and well-rounded coaching platform poised to set you up for success in whatever it is you wish to conquer!


Does this sound familiar?

We all have unique journeys and paths we take towards our purpose. They are beautiful, special, messy, crazy, and amazing!

Let's share our lights with the world!

I work with women who are ready to say BUH-BYE to the stories and narratives holding them back, tap into their truest selves, and really rock their full potential!

I cannot wait to work with you!


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